Attention Christians:

Specifically Those Who Have Desire To Spread

The Gospel

Watch First Video Below to Learn about our Done For You Viddybook Tract Packages that you can use to share with your friends, family, and even coworkers, etc.  You can use them to create a casual conversational and discussion atmosphere, which would help them understand what Jesus has to offer them. 

Watch Second Video if you also have been desiring to start an online or local business income stream, which could take you far beyond what your job could ever pay you, even getting paid while you sleep! 

Viddybooks Club Packages

       Viddybooks Basic

  •  Viddybook Training
  •  Monthly Viddybook
  • VB Giveaway Rights
  • &
  •  ESword Training
  •  Graphic Design
  •  VB FB Group
  •   Email Support
Just $7.00/monthor $70/Yearly

Viddybooks Silver

  • Viddybooks Basic
  • WebHosting Silver
  • Basic Wordpress Training
  • VB Resell Rights
  • Easy Online Store
  • Video Gallery Site
  • I-Course
  • ScreenCast Training 
  • Productivity Training
  • Mail Chimp Training
  • Basic Pinterest Training
  • Mini Webinar
  • The Elijah Tribune Bonus
  • VIP FB MasterMInd Group
  • Email Support
Just $17/month or $147/Yearly

Viddybooks Gold

  • Viddybooks Basic
  • Viddybooks Silver
  • WebHosting Gold
  • WordPress Training
  • Gutenberg Training
  • Virtual Biz Card
  • Pagebuilder
  • CPanel Training
  • Mp3 Broadcasting
  • Membership Sites
  • Interactive Video
  • Facebook Ad Training
  • VidMessage Reseller
  • Affiliate Resale % 
  • VIP FB Mastermind Group
  • Priority Email Support
Just $27.00/monthor $197.00/Yearly


30 Day Money Back Guarantee


If You think about it, $197 per year is nothing when you think of it as a business expense.  Think of it in another way.  What would be the cost if I don’t do something about what I have been desiring to do.  Think about it, pray about it, and then Come, and walk on the water.

[These Viddybook Club Packages have been designed with respect to varying levels of Customer Interest.  In Viddybooks Basic we focused on those who primarily are interested in spreading the Gospel and nothing else.]

As far as Viddybooks Silver, some customers want to get into marketing but do not want to be overwhelmed.  We tried to keep these trainings and products a little less challenging or easier but robust enough to help these customers in obtaining their goals in prosperity. 

In Viddybooks Gold these are the customers that are going for it and want as much as they can get in ensuring their online objectives.

Obviously Viddybooks Gold will have the best value of the three.  Yet, we intend to continue to add value to all club members, value in terms of added training and in some cases a new product occasionally at no extra cost. We are here to help the body of Christ spread the Gospel, and for those that want it, help those who want to move in steps to increase their prosperity in a similar way that the parable of the ten talents speaks about.

These package expenses are priced very low.  The costs of our Viddybook Club packages are comparable with other website hosting company prices all by themselves. These other hosting company prices will range from $10.0-35.00 + per month depending on if you pay them monthly or yearly just for their hosting alone. This means you are getting our bundled Viddybook package prices at the same price as their hosting price.  Than means your getting the bundled products literally for free.  On top of that our hosting is much faster and of better quality than theirs. 

As far as value is concerned, some of these bundled products could by themselves run you at least $47-97.00 per month bare minimum (premium packages). Yet, you will get them included!  

With the offer of resell rights in the Viddybooks Silver and the offer of both resell rights and affilate % in Viddybooks Gold, this makes our offer seem silly, even a no brainer.  We even have an opportunity for Gold Members to get their own hosting they can sell, which would easily pay for all Viddybooks Club expenses. So why are we doing this if we are just about covering cost?  Because we are looking to give value to Brothers and Sisters in the kingdom of God.  To help build them up business wise so they can harvest not only souls but their blessings.  For Abraham was blessed so he could BECOME a blessing and we are of his seed.  Truly, wealth is not meant to just increase ourselves, wealth if handled rightly, can do many mighty things for others! It is really what is going on in our hearts. 

What if you became a window from heaven, an opening, a portal, to allow God’s goodness and mercy and blessings to move through you? 

You will soon see how much value there really is in here and how blessed you are once you join.  See you on the inside and Enjoy!

Besides, You have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee